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The Gift of Self-Control 52-day Challenge is designed to give you the boost you need to activate SELF-CONTROL and reap its benefits!

Activated self-control breaks addictions, changes habits, releases healing, and produces desired results…. in other words, RESOLTIONS fulfilled.


The best part of Self-Control is the way it allows to walk a like of sacrifice that is pleasing to God and bring transformation not only to you, but the world around you.


-- Protects your Heart from Selfish Desires by Eliminating Past Hurts

-- Provides Eyes to See Treasures, Opportunities, & Revelation by Eliminates Lack

-- Flourishes you into Unexpected Place where Miracles Are Common by Eliminating Control

-- Confidence Booster by Eliminating Low Self-Esteem



An activated self-control breaks addiction, changes habits, releases healing, and produces desired results.




When we try to implement a change, it can feel like we are forcing ourselves or we are on an uphill, losing battle.  In my counseling experiences I have seen many people healed. While some maintained it well, others fell back into the same old patterns. I found it confounding as I worked with my clients; I saw two types or groups of people.  Why did change  seem easy for one group and for another, almost impossible? It has been my heart’s desire to see everyone healed and equipped to maintain their healing. After observing the different outcomes, I knew there was an opportunity to press in for more --  there is a solution in Christ for every person who desires this same outcome!


As I brought my questions to the Lord, He gave me clarity which brings complete sustained healing to all.  His solution was even for those whose situation looked impossible and  thought they could never acquire real change. The strategy the Lord gave works on a process. This process has been tested and implemented with many of my clients. To their (and my) delight and joy, they found freedom from anxiety, addictions, depression, and other unhealthy habits. The best part is they not only found healing, but they are also  maintaining their new-found results and more deeply connecting with the Lord!  Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Perhaps there are areas in your life where you have simply “accepted” or thought you could never change.  It could be anxiety, loneliness, depression, procrastination or another pain point. I know the revelation delivered through this course will bring about new results and healing for you!

  • What if you were not pushing anymore, but walking in peace and rest?
  • What if there was a proven path you could follow, someone to show you the way and you were now being pulled instead?
  • What if you didn’t have to muster up the might anymore?

This  is just part of your inheritance in Christ! In His light, hope becomes possible. Does this excite your heart and is this revelation and process needed?  If you would you like to see change in the next 52 days and be healed -- and keep that healing, forever, join us!

Once the momentum is found, you become an unstoppable force, fearless in Him and able to live out your destiny and all the plans and purposes for your life. Amen!


It may seem like a strange number, why a 52-day challenge and what is the significance of that specific number of days? In the book of Nehemiah, we learn that Nehemiah built the broken wall in a mere 52 days. It was a task that was thought to be impossible but not with God.  In studying Nehemiah, I have identified proven strategies for success revealed and modeled through his life.  The first I have identified as the Achievers Strategy.


In extreme adversity, when the outcome mattered the most, when the attacks came fiercely, it was in these conditions that Nehemiah met every demand with the most positive of outcomes, achieving the impossible in just 52 days.  I have broken down these days into 4 stages of 13 days each totaling 52 days as Nehemiah did which brought focus and achievement by working strategically.


In these 52 days, with a proven God tactic, we will focus on rebuilding the walls of your life, shoring up any cracks, strengthening any weaknesses, while stopping the enemy’s attacks. This program will strategically focus attention on a concept each day accompanied by a community of brothers and sister pursuing the same.  This will advance you further than ever before. If you are ready to work hard and commit to this program you will be met with results.


Ready for the 13/52-day challenge of healing?



This 52-day challenge includes 4 stages of healing. Each stage will be unpacked in a live online interactive two-hour class followed by a 13-day healing process including exercises and activations.

During each stage, you will tap into a new and unknown perspective from your current position, which is the beginning of transformation. Similarly it’s like to placing a target on a map, identifying where you are, and then knowing where you would like to be. To get there, you must first recognize where you are.


 I will be Coaching You Daily

In this 52-day Challenge I will be gently pulling you towards your goals of self-control, freedom, healing and results.

 You will receive homework and devotional:

  •  A powerful, yet concise, video where I coach you out from your current stumbling blocks. Here I provide you encouraging and inspiring thoughts to engage your mind and spirit with the Holy Spirit. This focus will not only carry you through your day but give you strength to take new ground.
  •  Daily devotional assignments designed to engage your self-control by accessing the power of the word of God with practical and targeted scriptures for your daily living.
  •  A daily reflection and journal prompt so you can see your progress through this journey and look back to see exactly how far you’ve come.


  • Identify how self-control was modeled through John the Apostle’s life; resulting in leaving a legacy.
  • Step-by-step strategies to destroy negativity and to engage a mindset for possibility
  • Tools of focus and help to activate possibility thinking or possibilities
  • Tear down your personal walls of protection and restriction
  • Establish the gifts of God through four important emotions, releasing a ladder for growth and satisfaction
  • Training to overcome aggression
  • Application of 4 proven strategies to eliminate pressure
  • Tools to reduce stress enabling a focused mindset




  • You are motivated to be healed of unhealthy habits and desire to finally maintain your healing.
  • You long to create a new legacy of healing for your family.
  • You struggle with a low self-esteem mindset. Perhaps occasionally you are happy, but most of the time you feel sad and worthless, and you are ready to set the record straight and approach your destiny with the appearance of joy.
  • You desire to grow in maturity and strength and want to help others discover and maintain their healing.
  • You are ready for more God encounters and testimonies to take over your spheres of influence.
  • You are wearied of being stressed out all the time – for no apparent reason.
  • You are frustrated and angry - and don’t know why.
  • You are constantly taken advantage of, resulting in pushing people away, which only leaves you feeling lonely.
  • You desire to be more focused on your goals. You are ready to achieve the right thing and now is the right time.


We are inviting you to be part of this 52-day journey to activate self-control and gain the positive results of growth, discipline and all the healthy emotions and habits that come along. 

Let HIM gently pull you to the life you want to live.  Be a part of this and discover  how to live in the outpouring.  Don’t hesitate, this is a gift to you and for you.


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