Recently the Lord has been giving me insights into the topic of anxiety. There are many who struggle with this issue in the body of Christ. I believe the Lord is highlighting this topic for the sake of releasing freedom to many.

The Lord revealed to me how the enemy uses anxiety to control and blackmail people, sabotaging dreams and desires. The enemy’s agenda with anxiety is to destroy God opportunities. When you establish yourself in the strength of God's truth the power of the emotional blackmailer (anxiety) will end.

In this course, I will be giving tools to practice the identity of God, the values of God, and to recognize the atmosphere of the angelic realm.

Ravi Kandal 

Course Instructor


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Thursday April 11, 18, 25, & May 2 7:00 PM Central

The Personality of Joy 

Angelic Intervention 

 Anxiety the Emotional Blackmailer

How is the power of joy released in your life? What is the true meaning of an anxiety free life? How do you conquer grief? Manage anger? Find meaning?  

The answers to these questions and more are at the heart of encountering the power of God. 



The secret weapon of angelic encounters is illustrated throughout history’s great figures from Abraham, the father of faith,  to Mary, the mother of our savior. Worshippers and priests alike have experienced the freedom that accompanies encounters with the hosts of heaven.    

Tested through human experience over the years, these timeless personal experiences are essential to navigating the complexities of modern life. 

The personality of joy is a weapon against anxiety bringing heavenly wisdom to an age-old issue. 


In the historical account of Joseph, we witness an instance in which a person's anxiety was instantly removed in the midst of extreme personal peril.  His wife-to-be was pregnant...and not by him!!!  We can only imagine the thoughts and emotions that were swirling within him; the shame that was bearing down on him.  Anxiety was the driving force to call it quits and silently escape the situation. But as we know, Joseph had a destiny to raise our Lord and Savior. God was to ensure he would not miss his calling. It was  in a dream Joseph had a divine angelic intervention; and instantly his perspective was changed. He was met with heavenly wisdom which empowered him to take a totally different course of action than he had originally intended. 

Course Summary:

What you can expect

 Life is continually filled with circumstances that are out of our control which too often  leads many to feel uncomfortable, discontent and anxious. These feelings can seem justifiable; but we know giving into them only allows their power to dominate our lives. As these feelings grow unchecked so too does the domination of anxieties.  By allowing these things to rule, we further invite discontentment which leaves joy to feel illusive creating habits of perfectionism, low self-worth, and an approval addiction. 

As believers in Christ our inheritance is to be established in JOY.  Thankfully we can partner with  the spirit of joy; including discernment, commitment, long-suffering, strength, perseverance, hope, and overcoming faith. 

This course will expose the enemy’s patterns, transitioning your attention from life’s challenges to joy while encountering and engaging with God’s angelic intervention.


  • Receive a prophetic word from one of our RT4 trained coaches.
  • Participate in our supportive online Facebook Community.
  • Participate in 4 live, online session classes (2 hours each).
  • Homework and devotional activities provided for your growth and accountability.
  • Replay of classes and homework are hosted on our course platform and will be accessible for life.

Course Outline

Thursday, April 11, 18, 25, & May 2


Week 1- The Discipline of Perception 

Holy Spirit Intervention in the World of Confusion: 

  • Four characteristics of anxiety as a blackmailer
  • Attributes of angelic ministry to issues of anxiety   

Empowering Healthy Emotions and Passions:    

  • Gaining understanding of the spiritual battle of anxiety
  • Connecting thoughts and emotions 

Destroying Offense Mechanisms

  • Awareness of self, past, and grief’s defense mode
  • Defense mode: your position in Christ defending His reality


Week 2 - The Disciple of Passion

Approval Versus Acceptance 

  • Teaching on the behavior of the angel’s ministry to the troubled heart
  • Initiating the voice of reason and peace through angelic ministry

Self-Esteem Boosters 

  • Five essential tools for problem solving 

Breaking the Bondage of Anger

  • Engaging new systems to replace the stress cycle 


Week 3- The Discipline of Willpower 

Fortitude and Resilience    

  • Meditation on compassion and kindness

Virtue of Grace 

  •   Importance of well-being
  •   Importance of relationships 

The Shame Distortion

  • Exposing shame: the fuel of disappointment 
  • The ministry of forgiveness; eliminating guilt


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